John Coons

Soloist, composer-songwriter, conductor, music educator

A native of Maine, musician John Coons is forging a genre-defying career that has included choral work, opera roles, performing with Ben Folds and the Pittsburgh Symphony, Seattle Opera, and singing the national anthem for the Red Sox at Fenway Park. His resume provides a snapshot of his wide-reaching interests, which range from solo work and songwriting to theater and music education. 


John loves straight theater as well, garnering an Irene Ryan nomination for his portrayal of Dysart in Equus (USM) . He was the "face of USM" in a TV, internet, and print campaign for the University of Southern Maine in the fall of 2010. 

John is a published poet, playwright, and comic book script-writer. He has acted in radio dramas and his original script, "Tales from Williamsville" was adapted for radio by FinalRune productions. John also founded and was Artistic Director of the Levi Stewart Players for three seasons and five productions.

From 2010-11 John ran a blog in which he created at least one work of art (song, poem, photograph, etc) per day for a year. The final tally was 24 musical compositions/songs, 285 poems, 349 photos, 7 plays/scenes, 10 works of prose/short stories, and 2 videos, for a grand total of 677 works of art.